Best Way To Get The Complete Refreshment By Enjoying Poolside Luxurious Resort In Karjat

Karjat is a stunningly beautiful place, located at a short distance from Mumbai. With many attractions and a very convenient distance from the city, it has become a favourite among people looking for a quick vacation. Karjat, located in the Konkan region and situated on the river Ulhas has several tourist destinations. There are many luxury resorts in Karjat which gives their guests many facilities to make their stay comfortable.

The best resorts in Karjat will provide you with several amenities such as:

  • A pet-friendly, family-friendly atmosphere.
  • A restaurant with an array of food options
  • A health-spa or a yoga centre.
  • Sufficient outdoor space for walks, cycling, or other outdoor games.
  • You can only opt for Karjat resorts with a swimming pool

When you are choosing resorts in Karjat for stay, it is important to look out for the above-mentioned facilities. With these amenities, your stay becomes more memorable and pleasant. 

There are many attractions for tourists in Karjat. They are as follows-

  • Bhor ghat which is a ghat that has ancient and interesting historical significance.
  • Kondana Caves are among the most famous caves. They are built in Buddhist style and they show the old and ancient lifestyle of Buddhist followers. There are structures that are sculptured during the ancient Buddhist period. You can book one of the luxury resorts in Karjat, stay there and visit these caves.
  • This place is also known for trekking and other adventure activities. The largest chain of farmhouse is found in Karjat. Karjat is known for having most of the farmhouses in Asia. There are many points from which people can go trekking, and the three most prominent ones are Peth, Rambagh and Chanderi Fort. One can also decide to go for white water rafting during the monsoons. This can be done on the top sections of the river Ulhas. The time when one should go for rafting should be probably from July to September.
  • Ulhas Valley has a beautiful view of river Ulhas flowing down the streams. It is strikingly beautiful, especially during the monsoons. There are many tunnels in this valley that help the trains to pass through and reach their destination.

The names mentioned above are a few tourist attractions and places that are worth a visit when you plan to go to Karjat. There a few more which are close by to Karjat. These attractions are Lonavala, Malshej ghat, Bhimashankar, Khandala, Palasdari, etc. The best resorts in Karjat offer maximum satisfaction at a very nominal price. With its scenic and pristine beauty characterized by gorgeous meadows, valleys, and hills covered by clouds, it has become a place of retreat for many in Mumbai. 

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